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Have A Milkchecker© 2000plus Along With A Special Www Deal

Have A Milkchecker© 2000plus Along With A Special Www Deal

You've Seen Our Milkchecker© 2000 Plus. Its Been Around For Years, And Proven Its Value Time And Time Again.

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$1295.00 AUD excl GST

Every one wants a Milkchecker© and your milk is simply too valuable not to have one of these.
TechniPharm was the first company to introduce electronic mastitis detection with Milkchecker© to NZ, well over 15 years ago. Many farmers would not be where they are today if it was not for Milkchecker©.
It's a great tool to get on farm. It provides test results on the spot, so that you know instantly where you stand. It's one of the most popular units on the market. Why? Milkchecker© tests all four quarters and shows all four readings at once. It then calculates the variance and also shows this! Complete with an Auto temperature compensator and wrist strap. If you are a serious milk producer you want a MILKCHECKER© for peace of mind and results.

Special WWW deal reply via email which will confirm your order, normally $1495.-Plus GST and Postage... via phone or email.. confirmation only $1295.-Plus GST and Postage (limited units available at this price) 0800 80 90 98

"We make farming ezy"

View PDF document onlineEzy Lite Facts - Have A Milkchecker© 2000plus Along With A Special Www Deal (390 Kb)
View PDF document online Ezy Full Facts - TH1333M Milkchecker Info Pack.pdf (795 Kb)
View YouTube product video Ezy Video (Hosted by YouTube)
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