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Triband Green™ Bloodless Castrating

Triband Green™ Bloodless Castrating

Tri Band Green™

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$149.00 AUD excl GST

Triband Green™ bloodless castrating. Exclusive to you from TechniPharm®

TRIBAND GREEN™ is a Castrator for castrating animals up to 180 KG. Using a Triband Green™ means you get better growth out of calves, more meat for less work! In the end we all want as many kilos of beef per 4 hoofs right? If you castrate early you are cutting out testosterone, the growth promoter. Calves are born with this wonderful hormone so why cut it out early!
Triband Green™ is humane and affordable and the best thing is it adds dollars to your bottom line and keeps you OSH risks in cutting your fingers with those nasty pocket knives or scalpels.

"We make farming ezy"

View PDF document onlineTriband Green™ Bloodless Castrating (595 Kb)
View PDF document onlineCastrators Information Pack TH1336 24/8/15 (1 Mb)
View PDF document onlineCastrators Support Info - V1 (835 Kb)
View Vimeo product video Ezy Video - EZE Triband and TIREX Castrators TechniPharm
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