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Smart-Yards™ Plans
Smart-Yards™ Plans (18)
Smart-yards™ AN investment you simply never regret

18 products - view them here
Smart Yards  - iDairy
Smart Yards - iDairy (10)
Effective and stress free handling of Dairy cows is crucial for best results! What you teach in the yards you will receive in the shed... memories stay.

With TechniPharm Smart Yards we offer you superior quality and design from the ground up!
Our expertise has been built up for many years and we offer you more than "just a yard" No other company has more experience and innovation awards in Dairy Handling. Go with the best

10 products - view them here
Smart Yards - Beef
Smart Yards - Beef (10)
Yards are like a ute, you need them, you abuse them and expect them to work when you want to. Wood or steel are the main elements used in constructing yards, both have advantages and disadvantages, which ones apply to you, only you will know. A choice of steel yards has however proven superior to wood by many farmers. Design, flexibility of change, value retention, saleability of yards as a chattel when a farm is sold, full depreciation in year of purchase, no breaking rails ever are all benefits which appeal.... look further into the options we offer. Proven and solid designs for a robust farming profit future.

10 products - view them here
Smart Yards - Sheep
Smart Yards - Sheep (6)
A simple renovation? or a new set of yards? TechniPharm is your ideal partner. There is a range of predesigned yard plan options or perhaps a customized design is what you need. Perma™-Yards are modern and robust and designed with you and the sheep in mind. Less walking for you and more work done in shorter time spans and with less labour.
The polybelt™ lining is a great way to future proof your yards for EID!

6 products - view them here
Smart Yards - Equine
Smart Yards - Equine (1)
Out of sponsorship to the cutting horses and rough riders the smartyard equine yards where developed. A great product, be it for a portable or permanent ring, or an practice yard. Smart yards offer you many options and configurations and if you can not find it in our standard product we can custom make it for you.

1 product - view it here
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