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How Do I Join Your Mailing List?

Select 'join our mailing list' from the side menu on this page.

How Do I Redeem An Ezy Lite Facts Voucher?

If you have an ezy lite voucher to cash in, please contact us via email, phone or visit us at a fieldays.

How Long Will My New Product Take To Arrive?

Delivery time depends on availability, as many products have a seasonal frequency stock is aligned with anticipated demand, for custom made aspects in products the manufacturing planning will need to be considered.
We generally suggest, plan ahead and make sure you do order well ahead of needing the product.
Its best to discuss this with us at time of order - please email us on

I Have Ordered A Product But It Hasen't Arrived

Please contact or phone 0800 80 90 98 (NZ) or 1800 234 034 (AUS)
Please check your invoice for specific delivery details, and when you talk to us have your order or invoice number ready so we can assist you best we can

Note product and Invoice may not be send together, it is likely you get an invoice from our admin centre and the product direct from point of manufacture.
So if this happens , not to worry, wait an extra few days and check again.

I'm A Member But Have Lost My Password

Goto the login page from the menu and select 'forgot password' from the side menu.
You will be prompted to enter your email address and a new password will be emailed to you. With the new password wre instructions on how to login and update it to something you will remember.

What Are 'ezy Lite Facts' Vouchers?

When you select to view the ezy lite facts for any product, we offer some added value vouchers at no obligation to you - all you need to do is simply enter your email address and download the file.

We will send you an email confirming the added value item selected - to claim the voucher you simply need to follow the link, tell us a little about yourself and farming type and we will send the voucher to you - for free.

What Does Shipping To Be Invoiced At Time Of Delivery Mean?

This means the shipping cost must be calculated manually by a Technipharm Team member.
When you checkout, there will be no shipping calculated in your order. When the goods are shipped, TechniPharm will send you an invoice for the cost of the shipping based on what it cost to get the product to you.

All other costs related to the purchase must be paid before the goods will be released to the carrier.
This does not alter the TechniPharm Terms of Trade below.

Why Do You Need My Email Address To View Product Information?

We like to keep you informed in a quick and ezy manner without interrupting your day unnecessary. Often little news snippets may be beneficial for you to get the best out of your product, a reminder for a maintenance check or simply a great offer for an other product you could benefit from can be communicated

Our Ezy Lite Facts and Ezy Extras are available to download, but we do require your email address to download the full product information.
Your email address is held securely in our database, and will never be sold to another party. Its solely so we can provide you with more information about the product.

Please review our privacy policy regarding collecting and storing private information.

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