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Cattle Pro HeadclampProduct image

Cattle Pro Headclamp

This headclamp is ideal for lifetsyle blocks with a few cattle. This unit is less complicated and not as pricey as a headbail, yet its great to lock in the occasional animal for husbandry work. Comes with a pulley and rope for rear operation. If not satisfied we offer an "free no money loss" upgrade to any of the headbail units by simply paying the difference between what you have paid and what the new unit costs.
RR $895.- Plus GST 1% in transit insurance and freight.

For optimum control and people safety when working on lifestock add a TechniPharm Newtek Pacifier

"We make farming ezy"

View PDF document onlineEzy Lite Facts - Cattle Pro Headclamp (398 Kb)
View PDF document online Ezy Full Facts - th1625m cattle handling information pack 120617 (3 Mb)
View PDF document online Price List - headbail and handler price list and worksheet (2 Mb)
View PDF document onlineEzy Extras - Work Safe Victoria.pdf (6 Mb)
View Vimeo product video Ezy Video - TechniPharm Cattle Handling
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